Growth Center

Contribute to the Largest Growth Study in Dental History

The McGann Postgraduate School of Dentistry has teamed with the Universitas Prima to create a long term study on growth that is unmatched anywhere else in the world. This revolutionary study will be conducted at the B. Donald McGann Center for Growth Management.


The Research

The B. Donald McGann Center for Growth Management will be hosting the first study of its kind. This is the first large scale growth study using 3D technology. Researchers will be able to analyze a large population set with a variety of malocclusions, from data never before collected to this scale, detail and breadth.

In this multi-generational study, students partner with a team of experts to analyze thousands of patients as they develop better methods to manage growing patients. Our Center and students will have access to  UNPRI’s educational resources, hospital facilities, and local primary schools in which to take records, design studies, and provide treatment.

The Center will be taking records on a large number of patients over a long period of time with the aim of creating powerful records that can be studied to prove or disprove many ideas on how to best manage growing patients. In its first year, the Center is on track to have records from 100 growing patients by January 2014. See some starting cases.


Educational Program

In conjunction with the Center, McGann Postgrad is creating a unique education program.

The Master’s program includes a mix of online study, lectures, interactive research and live patient workshops.  The online component includes literature review, case study, live webinars, and other dynamic learning tools to ensure you have a strong foundation in the growth field. Two live modules will allow you to gain unique research opportunities with a diverse educational rotation while applying the principles and hypothesis on actual patients. In a small group environment, you will see the thought process of how to treat growing patients, the science behind this reasoning, and when to do what procedure.  You will view live surgeries, and have the opportunity to work on live patients at the clinic in Indonesia.  This is a unique, very personal and hands-on program.

Students will go through growth literature in depth, to understand what the rest of the profession knows, with insight in to the weaknesses of the majority of studies currently in the field.  Students will be learning the latest theories of growth management as well as getting a thorough understanding of the possibilities available through the maxillofacial surgeons. And, students will have the opportunity to design and publish their own studies, under our guidance, to further enhance the field.

This project will expand knowledge in the world of orthodontics using the latest tools and theories developed by the B. Donald McGann Center of Growth Management. Students will gain the ability to experience growth research first-hand and improve the industry’s knowledge of growth management. The profits from this program will go back to the Center to ensure the research program is properly funded for many years.

Growth Study Rotation

Graduation of Level I Qualifies You for Level II:

Master Clinician in Growth Management” Program Earn the highest designation in dental growth management with further university training. Attend additional lectures in growth and work on the live patients you are studying with university professors. Students must write and successfully defend a master’s thesis to receive this Master’s designation.
  • Become a pioneer of dentalfacial growth research
  • Be an academic leader in a growing dental field
  • 2 sessions in Indonesia (8 days + 2 days) over 12 months for hands-on training and live lecture
  • Live Patient workshops
  • Online self study, webinars and examinations
  • Master’s Thesis and Publication Manuscript


  • More thorough understanding of growth and growth management
  • Opportunity to be involved in an important research publication project
  • Increased credibility with growing patients