Level I: Istanbul, Turkey

The Middle East has a special format to maximize learning for those who travel. This location is combining seminars in order to minimize expenses for students traveling. Each 6-day session will include 2 of the typical 3-day Esthetic Level I Seminars. (This is with the exception of the final session). Now you too can learn comprehensive esthetics from world leaders in the industry in a convenient format!

Session 1 (Seminars 1-2) 1-6 September, 2015
Session 2 (Seminars 3-4)1-6 December, 2015
Session 3 (Seminars 5, Graduation & Final Exam)11-13 March, 2016
*16 students are needed to start the series in February. If the minimum student count is not reached, the series will be moved to 1-6 June, 2015.


Study Structure if you choose to continue your training in the
“MSc in Esthetics and Dental Surgery” Program 

Study locally over weekend seminars and graduate from the 7-Seminar Esthetics Level I Series
Apply here to get on the wait list and submit a €300 non-refundable application fee. You may also apply before graduating from the local Level I Program. Once you are accepted: 
Study Online Modules (as a knowledgeable Comprehensive Esthetics graduate, you have passed out of the other modules in the Master’s Program)  
Take 3 trips to the IMC universities for practical training over 18 months. The first trip is for 10 days in Autumn in Germany, then 10 days the following Spring in Hungary and finally 2 days the following October for graduation in Germany.
Write your master’s thesis. You will be working with research team on how to write a thesis as well as doing your literature review. For your thesis, you will write a 30-40 page summation of your literature review, as well as a publication manuscript. 
Attend your final exam and defend your master’s thesis verbally at your last session in Germany. You will have a nice graduation event and receive your Master’s Diploma. 



Application Process

You may also reserve your seat to the full Esthetics Program (for both Level I and Level II), with our “Master Track program”. This enables you to reserve both your local series and Master’s enrollments at the start of your training. Admission will be on a first come, first served basis. If you do not make the next class, we will put you on the wait list for the following year.