Comprehensive Esthetic Dentistry

Successful Esthetic Cases from Start to Finish

McGann Postgraduate School of Dentistry is proud to offer a comprehensive course on Esthetic Dentistry. This program will give you a thorough understanding of esthetic dentistry, including every option available to your patient and the proper order to do these procedures. You will gain various perspectives and esthetics tools to optimize multidisciplinary treatment planning. Graduating from this Level I series also qualifies you to enroll into the Level II Master of Science program offered by the International Medical College, awarding you an internationally accredited joint degree from 6 prestigious universities. Register today and give your patients beautiful smiles!


Dr. Luis Segura-Mori, DDS, MsD, PhD- Madrid, Spain
Start your training by understanding how to set up your foundations to ensure your esthetic success. We will focus heavily on diagnosis and treatment planning in a multidisciplinary way. You will look at the different analyses to ensure success from the start. Learn how to use these skills to improve your patient acceptance. You will participate in treatment planning exercises so you can use these skills immediately on your patients.

Dr. Bart Polder, DDS, MsD, PHd- Holland
In this seminar Dr. Polder will show you how to work on restorations in severe bruxers the right way. He will provide you an understanding of bonded restorations, veneers and full crowns on the most common issues to ensure that you can reach a long-term stability on all your cases. This class includes diagnosis exercises using video to measure esthetics.

Dr. David Dana, DDS- Beverly Hills, CA, USA
You will learn how to incorporate orthodontics into your esthetic cases with various types of approaches. Dr. Dana will teach you these approaches from a simple esthetic alignment to advanced Dentofacial Orthodontics to improve facial disharmonies in a dramatic way. You will gain a range of tools of orthodontic analysis to provide the best treatment for your patients based on their goals as well as their limitations.

Dr. Mario Flores, DDS- Alta Loma, CA, USA
Learn a highly-predictable system to attain surgical success with your soft tissue procedures. Dr. Flores will teach you several tips and tricks to avoid common complications, and their solutions when they happen. With an intensive hands-on workshop on pig jaws, Dr. Flores will give you the tools to successfully achieve excellent esthetic periodontal results in your practice.

Dr. Vahik Meserkhani, DDS- Glendale, CA, USA
Dr. Meserkhani will teach you how to properly place implants so your patients get the cosmetic results they desire. Learn to understand all esthetic considerations before you start your procedures and consultation. This seminar is heavily hands-on with workshops for implant placement to simulate how to do this properly in your practice.

Dr. Bart Polder, DDS, PhD- Holland
This course is designed to give you a thorough understanding of the connection between implants and orthodontics on both a theoretical and practical level.This understanding will help you use orthodontics to increase and improve your implant options and how to use implants to speed up and increase treatment potential for orthodontics. Unleash the esthetic powers of both implants and orthodontics to greatly improve your patients’ appearances. Hands-on workshop on pig jaws included.

Dr. Tschasi Sun, DDS, PhD- Switzerland
Become an expert in restorative dentistry by fully understanding smile design, optimizing communication and efficiency with your team, and skillfully analyzing your patients through the fundamentals of esthetic dentistry. Learn to choose the right materials and techniques–composites, ceramics, CAD/CAM, Veneers, and more. You will participate in workshop discussions with  your classmates, developing treatment on various case types so you can do this confidently in your own practice.

Successful Graduation Qualifies Student for Level II: 

Master of Science in Esthetics & Dental Surgery” Program Earn the highest designation in esthetic dentistry with further university training. Attend additional esthetic lectures and unique hands-on workshops with university professors. Students must write and successfully defend a master’s thesis to receive this Master of Science designation.
  • Bologna Accredited Master’s
  • 3 sessions in Germany or Hungary (10 days + 10 days + 2 days) over 18 months for hands-on training and live lecture
  • Live Patient workshops
  • Student exercises on pig and sheep mandibles
  • Online Self Study and Examinations
  • Master’s Thesis and Publication Manuscript