Mixed Dentition Clear Aligner Therapy

Update 2020: The Mixed Dentition Revolution

The newest innovation that will transform mixed dentition forever

For many POS dentists, helping young patients with interceptive orthodontics is one of the most rewarding and impactful aspects of their practices. 5 years ago POS released its Mixed Dentition Protocols, and it has helped many doctors establish an effective way to manage their growing patients. New tools and discoveries have been added since then, making interceptive treatment even easier and more robust.

Clear aligners can make mixed dentition faster, simpler and more effective

The understanding of child-based aligners is extremely new, with limited published research and case studies. Being an innovator, Dr. Dana has been thoroughly evaluating what’s out there and starting cases. He has been extremely satisfied with the results. At this seminar you will see that aligners are very effective, efficient and safe appliances to correct multiple types of malocclusions. In 2020, we are bringing you the latest and most dynamic appliances for mixed
dentition therapy.In this Update Seminar, we compare the advantages and disadvantages of using clear aligners, removable appliances and traditional braces on children. You will better understand if using clear aligner therapy is viable to use on kids in this growing industry. We look at the results to see how effective clear aligners can be in moving teeth and fixing malocclusions for growing patients. We compare case records of patients treated with aligners and traditional fixed and functional appliances like utility arches, RPEs, bionators, and braces. This technology for kids is very new and is still developing and POS is at the forefront of using its capabilities in a safe, effective way.

Progressive Orthodontic Seminars is the leading continuing orthodontic education program with over 8000 graduates from 40 worldwide locations. It continues to keep progressing the orthodontic industry with predictable diagnostic software, education based on science and detailed case studies, and effective appliance design.


  • Using Removable Aligner Trays in Mixed Dentition
  • Aligner Market with Growing Patients
  • Expansion, Distalization, Bite Opening
  • Open Bite, Deep Bite and Crossbite
  • “The Utility Arch Effect”
  • Growth Management
  • Serial Extraction
  • Canine Impaction Retrieval
  • Lower the Risk of Decay and Decalcification
  • How to Reduce Staging and Appliance Needs
  • Case Selection – Who Should (and Shouldn’t) Get Aligners?
  • Comparing Appliances: Utility Arch, Headgear, RPE, TPA, Bionator, Quad Helix, Aligners


profile-danaDr. David Dana has an esthetics and orthodontics private practice in Beverly Hills since 1984. He got his training in Prosthodontics at Boston University and his DDS at Universidad Tecnologica de Mexico. As a lead­ing tenured instructor at Progressive Orthodontics, Dr. Dana has taught thousands of students since 1994 and continues to teach so that students can reach the highest levels of dentistry.


  • Dental Degree- Universidad Tecnologica de Mexico 1977-1981
  • Prosthodontics- Boston University 1981-1983


Lecturer for Progressive Orthodontic Seminars from 1994 to present.

In addition to his work with Progressive, Dr. Dana has lectured in Europe, Mexico, Australia, and Latin America on restorative and cosmetic dentistry, focusing on the use of Botulin toxin in dentistry and the use of lip filler for facial aesthetics.


  • 1984-1988: Melbourne University, president of Dental Students Society in 1986


  • 1990-1992: Member of the Medical Board for the Mildura Private Hospital
  • 1993-1996: Worked in private practice in Malvern and Brunswick
  • 1995-2003: Member of the Medical Board for the Vaucluse Hospital
  • 1997-Present: Owned and worked in my own practice, employing two hygienist, therapist and an associate dentist
  • Created http://firstbite.com.au , dental library for the public to learn about dental topics.

Media Appearances:

  • Radio: 3AW , 3AK (had own weekly radio show), Koorie radio 3KND, ABC Radio National, ABC 774, 5AA Adelaide, ABC Drive Time Adelaide, ABC Regional South Australia
  • TV: Channel 7 Sunrise Show, Channel 31
  • Newspaper: The Herald Sun, Leader Newspaper (Moonee Valley), Community News

  • Studied dentistry from 1982 to 1987 at the “Johannes Gutenberg-University” in Mainz.
  • Certified post graduate education in implantology.


  • Started working in the army in 1987, as a Captain, in Mainz.
  • Received doctor’s degree in dentistry in 1990.
  • Retired from the army, in 1993, as a Lieutenant-Colonel.
  • I became a partner in a general dentist´s practice in Diessen in 1993.
  • I´m still working in the same practice, together with a partner, offering everything in dentistry.

  • 1984-1987 – The University of Cincinnati
  • 1987 – Early Admission into Dental School with requirement for Bachelor’s Degree waived due to exceptional academics/ qualifications
  • 1987-1991 – The Ohio State University College of Dentistry
  • Deans List – 9 of 14 quarters
  • Presidents List (Perfect 4.0 Average) – Remaining 5 quarters
  • 1991 – Graduated with DDS degree – Graduated Cum Laude (#8 in class of 120)
  • 1991-Present – OKU Dental Honor Society


  • 1991-1995 – Worked in Group Practice
  • 1995-Present – Private practice with emphasis on Orthodontics, Restorative, Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics
  • 2007-Present – Progressive Orthodontics Instructor and responsible for new instructor training and current instructor certification at Progressive Orthodontics

  • 1984-1987 – DDS from the University of Utrecht


  • 1987-1989-Worked as an associate for 2 years in a NHS practice in Great Yarmouth, England.
  • 1989-1994-Owned private practice in Sehnde, West Germany.
  • 1994-Present-Owns private practice in Alkmaar, The Netherlands.
  • 2006-Present – Progressive Orthodontics Tenured Instructor


  • Vienna, Austria - Jan 25-26 (Krennrich)
  • Amsterdam, Holland - Jan 31-Feb 1 (Krennrich)
  • San Jose, CA, USA - Feb 22-23 (Wier)
  • New York, NY, USA - Feb 29-Mar 1 (Wier)
  • Orange County, CA, USA - March 7-8 (Dana)
  • Madrid, Spain - Mar 14-15 (Dana)
  • Lisbon, Portugal - March 21-22 (Dana
  • Sydney, Australia - March 28-29 (Hymer)
  • Johannesburg, South Africa - June 5-6 (DeGroot)