Master’s Study Structure

For each Master’s Program, you will take local courses from The McGann Postgraduate School of Dentistry

This local series will range in length from 16 days to 48 days, depending on the program. Local dental courses will be weekend lectures, typically either 3 or 4 days in length, and will generally last between 12 to 18 months.

  • Esthetics Level I Series: 7 seminars (3 days each)
  • Orthodontics Level I Series: 12 seminars (4 days each)


Upon graduation, you are qualified to join the University based Master's Program.

For Orthodontics, Esthetics, and Implantology, these Master's Programs will be held in Europe through the International Medical College (IMC), an academic collective of 6 prestigious European universities. In all of these programs, you will need to take 3 trips to Germany or Hungary for a total of 22 days, as well as self study online content between the live practical sessions. The costs of the IMC program is 19,500 Euros + an accommodation fee of 3,500 Euros, which includes your hotel and transportation within Germany and Hungary. The tuition fee is payable over 4 payments and the accommodation fee is payable over 2 payments. Upon graduation from these Master's Program, you will receive an academic “Master of Science" degree.


Study Structure - in a few steps...

To complete the full program from start to Master's degree, here is the process: Request more information...

By combining a local education with university capabilities, you are able to achieve a high level degree at a fraction of the price and time


Learn at your local weekend seminar series to gain much of your comprehensive education, while minimizing your travel.


Apply to the Level II Master's Program to get into the class or on the wait list and submit a 300 Euro non-refundable application fee.


Study online modules. As a knowledgeable comprehensive Level I Series grad, you have passed out of the majority of the other modules.


Participate in practical university training-lectures, research, and patient or cadaver workshops. Also write and defend your thesis.