MSc in Esthetic Dentistry & Dental Surgery Tuition

The cost to participate in the Master’s program includes the following

  1. Application Fee: €300 paid to McGann Postgrad upon applying
  2. Tuition: €19,500 paid directly to IMC in Europe
  3. Accommodation Fee: €3,500 paid directly to IMC.
    • This is due two months before the practical training in Germany.
    • This includes hotel accommodation and transportation during complete attendance in Germany and Hungary.
  4. Airfare to Germany and Hungary 3 times, to be purchased on your own


*For those in the Master Track Program (reserving their seats to both the Esthetics Level I and Level II Programs), you can be put on a payment plan for both programs. Please contact your local coordinator to find out the payment schedule, as each location may start at different times and thus have a different payment plan. Participants in the Master Track program would have to pay their own accommodation fee and transportation to Germany and Hungary as well.