Master’s Programs

A Unique “Local+Global” Approach to Higher Education

The McGann Postgraduate School of Dentistry has brought together leading dental instructors and universities worldwide, giving dentists a unique and efficient “Local+Global” approach to education. For dentists that want to continue their education to the highest levels, McGann Postgrad School has strong joint master’s programs.

Based upon its reputation in the dental education field, McGann Postgrad is able to give you the opportunity to earn International Degrees using a two step dental mini-residency. Students start their postgraduate education at their local Level I Program, on a part-time weekend schedule. This training will give them a comprehensive knowledge in the field with full support and practical education in their geographic region. Then if they want to earn a Master’s distinction, they continue their training to their Level II Program with condensed e-learning and intensive live education in a university environment. Because of the added resources from the universities, the Level II programs have additional live patient workshops, exercises, and resources.

Benefits to You

  • Work full time and generate income while earning your degree
  • Minimize the time away from your practice
  • Minimize your costs
  • Continue to practice all fields of dentistry
  • Gain international recognition for your knowledge

Joint-Master’s Programs

A Strong, Practical and Recognized Curriculum

McGann Postgrad has developed comprehensive curriculums in a variety of subjects, including Esthetics, Orthodontics, and Implantology. Using highly qualified instructors from all corners of the globe, McGann Postgrad is able to offer high-level postgraduate programs to dentists. For its series programs, the curriculum is highly coordinated and consistent to ensure the highest quality for our students worldwide. Even title slides are consistent in every location, regardless of the physical instructor. We can guarantee that all graduates of the McGann Postgraduate School have the same level of high education and success. These philosophies have given us an extremely strong reputation worldwide.

Strategic Partnership of McGann Postgrad and Universities Worldwide

Because of our consistent results and reputation, several universities have sought to tailor their academic Master's Program to the McGann Postgrad education model. These schools condense their curriculum and start at a higher level because they know the quality of education achieved by our graduates. This allows the university to significantly shorten their academic Master's Program. By combining local education with university capabilities, you are able to achieve a high level degree at a fraction of the price and time.


32 Years


40 Cities


30 Students


Now you can earn recognition in a flexible and relatively inexpensive way!