TMD, Pain Management & Botox® in Dentistry

21st Century Pain Management Protocols

This weekend will open up exciting ways for you to treat patients who suffer from pain!

Do you have patients that have tried everything but still have headaches? This class can help you be their hero with a systematic checklist to help treat their pain. You will learn how to set up a clear system of how to diagnose and treat these desperate patients.

On Day 1 you will focus on TMD & Pain Management Protocols. Using his experience from helping thousands of patients suffering from pain, Dr. Dana will help you set up protocols in your own practice—including management of TMD, headaches, migraines, and orofacial pain.

On Day 2, master the useful tool of Botulinum Toxin within dentistry. Learn with extensive lecturing, legal forms to bring back to your practice, and hands-on exercises. Every student will be able to perform Botox® injections on live patients while being overseen by Dr. David Dana, an expert for decades in this field. Want to learn more about cases treated by Botox? Read this case study.

Sneak Peak: TMJ Dysfunction Treatment with Botox


Day 1: TMD & Pain Management Curriculum:

  • Management of bruxism – protect dentition and expensive restorative
  • Topical anesthetics – diagnostic value and uses
  • Sources of pain that appear to be from the teeth
  • Headache diagnosis and treatment you can provide
  • Identification and treatment of chronic tension type headaches
  • Establishing your overall pain management protocol
  • When and to whom should you refer to and what will they do?
  • TM Joint imaging with 3D conebeam
  • Simple splints – what they do and don’t do

Day 2: Botox in Dentistry Curriculum:

  • The uses of Botulin Toxin in dentistry
  • Botox®—another diagnosis and treatment tool for pain
  • History and clinical overview of Botox®
  • Mode of action for pain
  • Improve patients’ symmetry with Botox®
  • Informed consents and limitations of Botox® in dentistry today
  • Preparation, doses and injection techniques for Botox®

Live Patient Botox® Workshop

In the afternoon, students will practice injection exercises on patients and classmates under the guidance of instructors. Students can bring a patient and choose which areas they practice injecting (including glabella, forehead, masseter, temporalis, and crow’s feet). Students receive an injection kit with 50 units of Botox®, needles and other materials to work with during this workshop. Students may pre-order additional Botox for purchase if they’d like to work on additional patients or treat a full TMD case. Contact us to learn more about the workshop or what the patient requirements are.













Dr. Richard Richter is an international lecturer with Progressive Orthodontic Seminars. He also lecturers on Sleep Apnea, TMJ, Laser Dental Surgery, Laser Restorative Dentistry, Dental Technology, and Oral Cancer. He helped provide valuable data in the development of one of the leading digital radiography companies. He has two successful private practices in New York that have distinguished themselves as the “high tech” leaders in the area.

Dr. Richter currently has two private practices in New York and has been one of the early pioneers in most of the latest technologies enjoyed today in dentistry. He was one of the first ten KCP/Pac units to be placed in dental offices, was a Beta test site for Shick technologies digital radiography, and has over 18 years of experience in the field of laser dentistry. Dr. Richter is also trained in the use of the latest CADCAM single visit crown technologies (CEREC).


  • 1984 – LIU CW POST, Bookville, NY
    • B.S. in Biology with Honors
  • 1988 – Fairleigh Dickinson College of Dental Medicine, Teaneck, NJ
    • D.M.D. Degree
  • Progressive Orthodontic Seminars
    • Comprehensive Orthodontics Series
    • Advanced Orthodontic Series
  • Implant Mini Residency
  • Several hundred hours of additional continuing education

Additional Accomplishments:

  • Provided vital research data and input into the development of one of the leading digital x-ray imaging systems today.
  • Is past president for the South Shore Dental Study club.
  • Has completed certifications in Enteral conscious sedation, Laser certification in the use of Neodinium YAG lasers, Holmium YAG Lasers and Erbium Cromium lasers in dental care.
  • Awarded Fellowship with the Academy of General Dentistry

He is or has held memberships in the American Dental Association, New York State Dental Association, The Suffolk County Dental Society, Dentists for Oral Conscious Sedation, and the World Clinical Laser Institute, American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, Academy of Laser Dentistry, Academy of General Dentistry, Academy for Cosmetic Dentistry, and The Nassau County Dental Society.


  • New York, USA:
  • Live-October 26-27, 2024 (Dr. Richard Richter)


  • USA (Location determined by demand)
  • Pain Management, TMD & Botox (2 days)
  • limited seating due to COVID restrictions
  • 2-Day Package: $2150 (saving you $200!)
  • Loyalty Members save more! $1900


  • Want to run a class in your area? Course can be offered in any location with 8 students.
  • Video Recording Available Anytime On-Demand
  • 10 days after Botox treatment I was 100% pain free. I did not expect such fast and such great results. I have this added energy...!! I would really recommend it for chronic suffers of TMD.
    Dr. Monica Duarte
  • FANTASTIC seminar...Believe me, this tool of Botox muscle control can help out ortho in deep bite cases, lip habit cases, smile asymmetry cases, functional shift cases, and many more...Congratulations David on a job extremely well done.”
    Dr. Don McGann