Comprehensive Orthodontics – Middle East

The McGann Postgraduate School of Dentistry offers regional locations to study around the world. In the Middle East, the School offers two efficient way of learning orthodontics in Istanbul, Turkey and in Karbala, Iraq. 


Comprehensive & Efficient Orthodontic Training…now in the Middle East!

We offer two efficient ways to learn quality orthodontics, an Internet Assisted Training format and a 6×6 Live format. Both formats allow even the busiest dentists to learn at the highest levels, with flexible study anytime, anywhere.

Our Internet Assisted Training (IAT) format will allow you to maximize your learning with extensive online training and 4 live modules. Self study about 300 hours of cases and orthodontic principles online. Take quizzes and communicate with your instructor via email to ensure your high level of understanding. You will have 1 instructor who will mentor you throughout your program. Dr. Sarmad Yassen is a local instructor with experience practicing in California and teaching around the world. The next IAT program will start in Istanbul, Turkey on 2-4 September, 2016.

Our new, localized 6×6 Live Format will allow you to get the highest levels of education through a mix of six sessions (6 days each) of intense hands-on training, online study (with thousands of cases, videos, exercises and principles), and continual communication with your instructor.

You will learn from a mix of talented instructors from around the world. Your instructors are skilled practitioners with years of experience who will teach you how to provide quality orthodontics, like they have in their own practices. You will receive a valuable international perspective on orthodontics, as we will fly in prestigious instructors from around the world to train you. These instructors will be flying in from the United States, Europe, and Asia. Session 1 starts in Istanbul on 11-16 January, 2017 with USA instructor, Dr. Sarmad Yassen. Session 1 will start in Karbala later in 2017.

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