Study Structure

2 Formats, 1 System

Progressive Orthodontics is committed to giving its students every opportunity to learn. Progressive caters to dentists’ busy lifestyle and individual learning styles.

The Comprehensive Orthodontic Level I Series is offered in 2 different formats to best fit your learning preferences and 2-year schedule. You may choose between a Traditional Live Series (with 12-seminars of 4-days each) and an Internet Assisted Training Series (with 300 hours of multimedia online study and 4-seminars of 3-days each).

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Live Ortho Series









Traditional Live Series 

  • 48-day series, comprised of 12 seminars of 4-days each
  • In-person access to instructors to answer your questions immediately
  • Instructors use Powerpoint presentations, hands-on exercises, and other visual tools to help you learn
  • You meet a variety of instructors over your training
  • You can start bracketing patients after Seminar 3
  • A great format for the audio-visual learners who like continuous teacher-student interaction
  • Running since 1984 with thousands of successful graduates


Computer Ortho Traininge-learning orthodontics









Internet Assisted Training (IAT) 

live training + e-learning!

  • Format includes 4 live modules (Modules A, 1, 2, and 3 – 3-days each, for your hands-on exercises) in combination of 300 hours of e-learning through our multimedia IAT site
  • Learn the same curriculum as your live series counterparts in the convenience of your own home
  • Work with one instructor throughout your studies whom you can call or email while self studying with your questions
  • You can start bracketing patients after Module 1
  • Great for those who need a more flexible schedule, for those that want to reduce their travel and time from the practice, and who thrive on online training and can stay on top of self studying.
  • Running since 1999 with hundreds of successful graduates


After Graduation

Graduates of this series that want to continue their education can choose to take the Master of Science in Specialized Orthodontics program and/or the 16-day Dentofacial Orthodontics Series. The admission will be on a first come, first served basis.