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Comprehensive Orthodontics

Mixed Dentition Case SampleThe McGann Postraduate School of Dentistry has strategically partnered with Progressive Orthodontic Seminars to offer a very practical 2-Year Comprehensive Orthodontics Level I Program. Progressive’s system is tried and proven with over 31 years of experience in 40 worldwide locations. Progressive’s program is designed as a full system with support for everything you need to successfully provide orthodontics in your practice predictably and efficiently. With the best support in the industry, not only would you have full orthodontic training, but also computer, software, supply, and clinical support. This support is available as a student and as a graduate for the rest of your career. Learn more about our program here.

2020 Start Dates
Sydney: 28-31 August, 2020

Melbourne: 21-24 August, 2020
IAT (Internet/Live) Brisbane: 6-8 November 2020

*Due to COVID-19 restrictions, some locations are starting virtually via Zoom

Weekend Courses

In addition to offering Comprehensive Orthodontic training, the McGann Postgraduate School of Dentistry, Australia is proud to now offer several weekend courses that will help you optimize your dental practice.

Melbourne | Dr. Charlie Kahwagi | Seminar 1: 24-26 January, Seminar 2: 17-19 April, 2020
Learn how to evaluate, diagnose and treatment plan the most common dental and skeletal malocclusion problems found in mixed dentition. You may take 1 or 2 seminars.

Melbourne | Pamela McCormack| 14-15 February 2020
Integrate orthodontics effortlessly into your practice with skilled and efficient staff. This 2-day class will emphasize learning hands-on, stressing the techniques of getting excellent records to supporting your doctor with orthodontics in the office.

Sydney | Dr. Brian Liao |  Coming 2021
Over the years, Dr. Liao has worked with dentists all over the world and has answered thousands of questions from students. He has put together a seminar so doctors can efficiently deal with the most common issues in alignment, mechanics and finishing. By the end of this seminar, you’ll have the problem solving skills so that your everyday orthodontics is a well run machine.


UPDATE 2020: Aligners for Kids?!
Sydney | Dr. Agim Hymer | 28-29 March 2020
In the 2020 annual Update Seminar, we discuss the controversial question, can we responsibly use clear aligner therapy on kids? Can a mixed dentition practice successfully and safely use clear aligner therapy to treat young patients (from 6 years old)? Does the concept work and does it fit into your practice philosophy? We look into the science of using removable aligners on children.


Sydney | Dr. Brian Liao | 9-10 June, 2019 + inquire for future interest
Finishing orthodontic cases can be a very technical endeavor, with the most talented orthodontists perfecting their skills over thousands of cases. Refine your wire bending and case finishing capabilities in this 2 day course.

Sleep Apnea CourseSLEEP APNEA
Melbourne | Dr. Campbell Roberts | 27 July, 2019
Dr. Roberts will teach you how to assess and manage your case and how to navigate the current appliances available today. This 1-day seminar packs in the diagnostic approaches, treatment options, and practical and easy steps to start helping your patients immediately upon returning to your practice.

Get a Day of FREE Orthodontic Education (with no obligation). The McGann Postgraduate School of Dentistry has partnered with Progressive Orthodontic Seminars to offer a complimentary Introduction to Comprehensive Orthodontics. This fun class is a great way for doctors to learn more about the basics of this specialty.
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The McGann Postgraduate School of Dentistry, Australia operates in conjunction with Progressive Orthodontic Seminars. If you have any questions please call +61 2 9899 9191, 1800 333 266, or email MPSD Australia Coordinator Zita Gacsay at


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