Make an Impact

While Making your Cases Easier and Inspiring Patients to Refer

The McGann Postgraduate School of Dentistry is proud to offer an intriguing, more advanced program of growth understanding with partnership of Progressive Orthodontics. This program will give you a thorough understanding of growth in both dental and facial perspectives, and how orthodontics can systematically be used to make your work easier and more effective.

Section 4: Dentofacial Orthodontics builds off the Comprehensive Orthodontics series and will expand students’ treatment options and knowledge into a realm that is at the cutting edge of dentistry. This knowledge will help you make a noticeable impact on your patients’ lives. You will understand how to make many previously difficult cases (like Class III and gingival display) much easier to treat. These tools will improve your case acceptance and referrals since you are dramatically improving patients’ dentofacial harmonies. Students must be a graduate of the Level I Comprehensive Orthodontics series. However, there are no case prerequisites or exams to study at this level. To learn to make the tough decisions, you will personally diagnose and treatment plan at least one case per day.

Graduating from this Level I series also qualifies you to enroll into the Level II Master’s program offered by the B. Donald McGann Center of Growth Management at the Prima Universitas Indonesia.



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Protrusion Case Study

Zygomatic Buttress, Skeletal Anchorage, Line of Force Planning & Corticotomies
Learn how to get predictable and consistent results using the zygomatic buttress for anchorage, a fantastic “up and back” location to apply force to the upper dental arch. Change the lives of your patients as you command 2-3 times the orthodontic fee. You will also learn when cases should have orthognathic surgery and when they can be better treated with minor, in-office procedures like corticotomies and skeletal anchorage.

Growth Management Software

Individual Growth Prediction and Management & Growing Class II and III
Individual growth prediction? Impossible, right? No, it is reality. Predict growth on an individual patient basis and improve your treatment plans for growing patients. You will excel in growth management by using a new growth management VTO format with the McGann Growth Management software. Thoroughly and effectively analyzing growth is possibly McGann’s greatest development, competing with the IP Appliance, dental VTO, and corticotomy. This has been an unsolved problem in the specialty for more than 100 years.

Gummy Smile Case

Total Maxillary Impaction and Retraction, Mandible Auto-Rotation & Distalization of the Upper Arch
In this seminar, you will learn how to make “impossible” changes in the facial appearance of your patient through cutting edge diagnosis. This includes multiple closed coils applied to bone plates, distalizing the entire upper arch without extraction, and correcting gingival display beyond what you learned in Section 3 of the basic series. You are now capable of using the latest Dentofacial orthodontic systems that have progressed to levels never imagined.

Wire Bending Exercises

Use All Your Tools: Molar Intrusion, Major Vertical Changes & Multiple Extractions
with Hands-On Finishing Exercises!
You are now a Dentofacial Orthodontic expert, treatment planning beyond the usual orthodontic (straighten teeth) approach. You will be handsomely rewarded for your extra effort and training. At this final seminar you will learn to bring consistent quality to your cases by practicing case finishing with hands-on exercises beyond what you know from the basic series. Let it all out as you now have tools that are only available at POS. Surgery case? No problem. Corticotomy, skeletal anchorage, TMD, asymmetry, pre-implant ortho, etc. You now have the tools to solve any problem.