Treat growing cases more effectively in under 5 minutes!

Growth Software

The Growth Management software is a revolutionary new technology for doctors to better understand and plan treatment for their growing cases. It is the first and only software that helps dentists predict future growth on an individual basis.

The software allows the user to visualize their different treatment options through growth VTO predictions. Doctors can factor in various known growth management techniques (e.g. cervical headgear, reverse headgear, braces, zygoma ligation, lower molar ligation). The doctor will be able to compare the predicted results from these treatments and also see if the malocclusion can be treated non-extraction, and if so, when treatment needs to begin.

The Growth Management software is an exclusive tool for IPSoft™ orthodontic software.


  • Calculate your patient’s growth stats in less than 5 minutes:
    • Know how much growth will occur at each age
    • Create growth management dental VTO predictions
    • Determine ideal start and finish times to improve retention
  • Impress parents with the most accurate data and software
  • Individual growth prediction is calculated from each patient’s age, sex, class, race, angles and more
  • High predictability based from a sample size from tens of thousands of case records


The Donald B. McGann Growth study of 686 cases (249 untreated and 437 treated) with more than 2000 lateral ceph x-rays, hundreds of wrist x-rays, and thousands of panoramic x-rays, resulting in approximately 10,000 overlay readings was used to gather the basic data for the individual growth prediction. From this data, predictors of differential horizontal growth were found (McGann Angle, Wits, McGann growth factor) and through statistical models, more than 200+ prediction formulas were created. These formulas are used in the growth management software to calculate the movement of the facial structures, and then represent these in a line drawing.

Sub-studies for Cervical headgear and Reverse headgear were taken from the original growth samples to form the basis for the growth management formulas. A comparison of treated cases “braces” and Untreated cases found significance in the growth experience by simply applying fixed appliances (and disrupting the occlusion).

Data Used:

The software will automatically “read, measure, and calculate” the patient characteristics of:
  • Gender
  • Age
  • McGann Angle
  • Wits
  • McGann Growth Factor
The user manually inputs:
  • Bite class: class I, II, or III. This is the ‘dental” classification
  • Bone maturity at T1 (the starting age of the prediction)
    • using information from CVM, hand-wrist x-ray, and growth interview
  • Years to  T2 (the ending age of the prediction)
    • how many years you want to predict growth
    • bone maturity at T2 is automatically predicted from bone maturity at T1 and years to T2
  • Type of prediction
    • untreated
    • one of the growth management predictions


  • Individual growth prediction: The predicted growth of the face using an individual’s characteristics over a specified time of bone maturity.
  • Growth management: Altering with appliances the predicted growth of a patient to the overall benefit of correcting the malocclusion.