Maximizing Your Ortho Business [Online Class]

Turn Your Orthodontic Knowledge into Profits

Orthodontics can be a great profit center for your practice, but often incorporating orthodontics into a busy GP practice can be a difficult experience. In our Comprehensive Orthodontic series we briefly cover many of these topics, however students often ask for more details and would like to see how the most experienced instructors have set up their own offices. This seminar was designed to fill in the gaps between the science of orthodontics, and the real world, more practical aspects of introducing orthodontics into a busy GP practice.

Dr. Viviano invites you and your team to learn how to make your orthodontic practice more efficient and successful. In this online class, you get greater flexibility in learning. Also, this seminar includes 30 days free e-mail or telephone consulting for both you and your entire staff!


Kids Orthodontics Cases

Curriculum (summary):

  • Insurance, including billing medical insurance
  • Front desk efficiency
  • Setting fees
  • In-office lab procedures, another source of income
  • Complete list of operatory set ups for every procedure
  • Marketing
  • Economics of ortho
  • Patient and time management
  • Records and charting
  • Pathology
  • Consultations- 1st and 2nd
  • Properly using staff
  • See full index of topics

270 Page Workbook (included!):

  • Fully prepared insurance billing forms for every orthodontic, and related procedures
    • 52 of these and include, TMD, Sleep Apnea, and Botox® codes
  • All of Dr. Viviano’s office letters, forms, and other aides for the front desk
  • Complete list of operatory set ups for every procedure
  • Ortho benefits check list and suggested starting fee schedules

30 day FREE consulting!
Get personalized guidance while you’re studying. Either you or your staff can call or e-mail Dr. Viviano and his staff to help you with any topic.



profile-danaLearn at one of the most successful POS Ortho practices. Dr. Viviano graduated from the University of the Pacific, School of Dentistry with honors via the TKO Society and OKU Society. He is a tenured instructor and has been teaching at Progressive Orthodontics for 22 years. He and his full staff will be available during and after this course for all of your questions.


  • Available online course in SmileStream Training store


  • $675
  • As always, once you attend the course you or your office can call my staff for real-time help with insurance, codes, assisting, or any other question you may have.
    Dr. Joe Viviano