A guest post by MPSD/POS Instructor Dr. Richard Richter. Have you ever made a beautifully fitting sleep apnea or snoring appliance only to find that the patient was unable to wear it because of TMJ pain? Many of us entering this exciting and growing area of dental medicine encounter this barrier to success. As doctors

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With patients becoming more aware of their dental health, there has been an increasing demand for esthetic dentistry that will preserve as much of their natural dentition as possible. More adults are requesting esthetic treatment that is also stable and hassle-free. Orthodontic treatment or dental implants can help achieve this result, however, some patients may

Dentofacial growth has always been a complex, sometimes frustrating and unpredictable area within dentistry. As Beverly Hills instructor, Dr. David Dana said, growth has been the “Achilles tendon” for the orthodontic community for quite some time. Dr. Dana discusses some of the common issues seen when an orthodontist guesses and plans growth wrong. Luckily, we

Earlier this month we began rolling out the much anticipated IPSoft update (renamed SmileStream) to several POS instructors for the first round of beta testing. We plan to roll out the software to additional instructors and POS graduates over the next few weeks as we work on the final touches of the exciting new features

How do you help the patient who has seemingly tried everything to relieve their severe TMD symptoms? Learn how MSPD Educational Director Dr. David Dana was able to finally provide pain relief to a patient who had suffered for years. Summary Patient: Monica Chief Complaint: Intense pain in jaw muscles, morning headaches, fatigue Condition: 4 years of

Invisalign® and other types of clear aligners are a great treatment option for certain patients who want straighter teeth. Many doctors offer this service because patients want it and it’s relatively easy to become trained and start offering the service right away. Unfortunately, it’s also common to make costly mistakes with clear aligners, especially when

When you first begin offering orthodontic treatment in your practice, knowing what appliance to use for your young patients can be challenging. In most instances, you will have several viable options to select from. So how do you choose? We put together this quick guide to help you better understand your options when it comes to selecting