Advanced Series

Make an Impact

With the NEW Advanced Series

The newly updated Section 4: Advanced Series, formerly Dentofacial Series, continues to build off the Comprehensive Orthodontics series and will expand students’ treatment options and knowledge into a realm that is at the cutting edge of dentistry. This knowledge will help you make a noticeable impact on your patients’ lives. With new topics, including Adult Orthodontics and Implantology & Orthodontics, you will understand how to provide a more complete treatment plan and make many previously difficult cases much easier to treat. These tools will improve your case acceptance and referrals since you are dramatically improving patients’ care. Students must be a graduate of the Comprehensive Orthodontics series. However, there are no case prerequisites or exams to study at this level.

Series Curriculum:

This seminar will teach you how to extend the limits of tooth movement to where orthognathic surgery can be avoided. Learn how to get predictable and consistent results using the zygomatic buttress for anchorage, a fantastic “up and back” location to apply force to the upper dental arch. Change the lives of your patients as you command 2-3 times the orthodontic fee. You will also learn when cases should have orthognathic surgery and when they can be better treated with minor, in-office procedures like corticotomies and skeletal anchorage.

  • How to Diagnose and Plan Zygomatic Buttress Skeletal Anchorage
    • Planning line of force determination for predictable results
    • Bone plate placement and how to perform the surgery
    • Management of possible complications
    • Intrusion and distalization of the maxillary dentition – How to calculate and implement the proper amount of intrusion and retraction
  • Maximum Anchorage and Distalization in the Skeletally Open Case
    • Zygoma skeletal anchorage to attain true maximum anchorage
    • Direct vs. indirect anchorage and ramifications for treatment
    • Pivot mechanics in skeletal anchorage cases
  • Corticotomies to Decrease Skeletal Resistance
    • Surgical technique and clinical applications
    • Maxillary Lingual – Maintaining torque during retraction in the Class II case
    • Mandibular Lingual – Maintaining torque during retraction in Class III case
    • Buccal Cortectomy as alternative to SARPE
    • Maxillary labial and mandibular labial
    • RAPID

Adult orthodontics is one of the newest, most rewarding areas of general dentistry. This seminar will help you provide considerable added value of comprehensive care to your non-growing patients, while navigating their limitations of extra wear, decay or histories.

The systematic treatment of adult patients is a fairly recent development in orthodontics. Within the past three decades, we have developed a better understanding of tooth movement on the soft and hard tissues, as well as our limitations and opportunities in adult orthodontics. At Seminar 14 you’ll learn how to use orthodontics with periodontics, TMD diagnosis, restorative dentistry and orthognathic surgery to boost your treatment results. You will receive detailed flow charts to help you customize your treatment successfully and systematically.

  • Understanding the Adult Orthodontic Patient
    • Medical history
    • Biological differences
  • Comprehensive Evaluation of the Adult Patient + Risk Management
  • Diagnosis and Treatment Planning Flow Chart
  • Periodontal Evaluation and the Roles Orthodontics Play in Treatment and Techniques
    • Step-by-step protocol cookbook
    • Treating flared and extruded incisors and vertical bone defects
    • Soft tissue management: Recessions and grafting
    • Forced eruption, uprighting, intrusion, torque and other tools
  • TMJD – Evaluation, Management and Orthodontic Considerations
  • Orthognathic Surgery –Case Selection, Diagnosis, Setup, and Management
  • Present and Future –Can we move implants or bridges? Can we use bone augmentation? Can we grow teeth? And more….

With the increasing demand for esthetic dentistry, more patients are looking to have fixed prosthetics over removable dentures. As a dentist, it’s valuable to understand how orthodontics plays a major role in interdisciplinary treatment and can resolve some of the challenges we see with fixed prosthetics.

Seminar 15 will help you use an interdisciplinary approach to orthodontics to restore function and esthetics on all types of cases, both easy and complex. You will be able to use modern technology like the use of skeletal anchorage and 3-D techniques to expand your treatment options and improve your predictability and outcome.

  • Synergy between Orthodontics and Implantology
  • Pre-Prosthetic Orthodontics
  • Interdisciplinary Treatment Solutions
    • Asymmetric skeletal and dental problems
    • Severe loss of vertical dimension
    • Treatment options for complex cases
    • Knowing your limits, avoiding pitfalls, and monitoring treatment
  • How to Speed up Orthodontic Treatment
  • Orthodontics, Orthognathic Surgery and Complex Prosthetic Rehabilitation
  • Growth and Orthodontics: How to Manage It
  • How to Handle Congenitally Missing Teeth
  • Transplanting Teeth: Is It a Good Treatment Alternative?
  • CBCT – Techniques for Treatment Planning

At this final seminar you will learn to bring consistent quality to your cases by practicing case finishing with hands-on exercises beyond what you know from the basic series. Let it all out as you now have tools that are only available at POS. Surgery case? No problem. Corticotomy, skeletal anchorage, TMD, asymmetry, pre-implant ortho, etc. You now have the tools to solve any problem in an efficient way.

  • Upper Molar Intrusion
    • Changing skeletal vertical dimension
    • Treatment of the super erupted tooth
    • Anterior and posterior intrusion as an alternative to orthognathic surgery
  • Unilateral Minimum Anchorage – Closing the missing lower 6 space
  • Multiple Coils in Skeletal Anchorage
    • Simultaneous Anterior and Posterior Intrusion plus Distalization
  • Unusual Cases – Thinking Outside the Box
  • Limits of Skeletal Anchorage with Corticotomy

Hands-on Finishing Workshop

  • Review of Developing a Finishing Plan
  • First, Second and Third Order Bends
  • Gable and Snoopy Bends
  • Expanding and Tapering Archwires
  • TPAs – How to bend in 5 minutes

2024 Dates: Advance Series

  • November 1-4, 2024, Sem#13 with Dr. Wier