MSc Esthetics FAQs

Earning this degree will show your patients and colleagues that you are pursuing education in Esthetics to the maximum level.  This degree is from a highly respected group of European Universities, and offers you the ability to formally show your level of dedication to Esthetic Dentistry.
How the degree is recognized depends upon your local dental board. This Master’s degree is internationally accredited according to the “Bologna Criteria” with acceptance from the Ministry of Higher Education and the “Akkreditierungsrat.” This is the highest level of accreditation in Europe, and by agreement a degree accredited by this criteria is recognized in 47 international countries, including most of Europe. However, please check with your local dental board for details about your specific country.
This program is designed to be a distance learning program, giving you the ability to complete many of the prerequisites required in a local location, limiting the amount of time being spent at the International Medical College universities in Europe to only 22 days. The Level I series is a comprehensive program giving you an overview of how to best treat esthetic cases. It is held in multiple regional locations. In the Level II Master’s Program, you will participate in more live patient hands-on and other practical exercises that are only possible in a university environment.
This Master’s Program is an optional program, and does not need to be taken at any point.
The program is designed to work as a complete series, however you can elect to take each class individually if you desire. However, to be eligible for the Level II Master’s Program, you must have successfully completed all 7 courses in Level I.
 This program is intended to be a yearly program, with 20 applicants admitted per class on a first come, first served basis. So, if you are applicant #27 you may not be admitted this year. You will maintain your #7 spot for the following year, and will be in the group in the following year.
 The admission is based on a first come, first served basis, defined by when the admission fee (300 Euro) and the application is submitted to McGann Postgrad.
The initial non-refundable application fee (300 Euro) will be paid to McGann Postgrad when you apply. Your tuition (19,500 Euro) as well as Accommodation fees (3,500 Euro) will be paid to IMC in Germany. Upon receiving admission to the program, IMC will be sending you directions on how to pay as well as a deadline for payment. The tuition payment will be split into 4 payments, and the Accommodation fee is split into 2 payments.
IMC will be setting a deadline for you to make payment to secure your admission. Upon receiving this tuition, you will be given online access to the internet modules. However, if you fail to pay by the deadline, it will be assumed that you have declined to enroll for the year and you will be placed at the end of the wait list for future years. Your place in the class will be given to the next applicant on the wait list. The Application fee (300 Euro) is non-refundable.