IPSoft Orthodontic Software

Through the tireless dedication of our sister institution, Progressive Orthodontics, our orthodontic students are able to use the most advanced computer software, IPSoft™, to predictably diagnose and treatment plan their orthodontics cases. Now you will know exactly what to expect in your cases before you even bracket your patients.

IPSoft has revolutionized computer technology in orthodontics and is now the best orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning software in the world. It is included FREE with the Comprehensive Orthodontic Level I Series Training.



  • Over 150 treatment plans
  • Digital cephalometric tracing and analysis
  • Model measuring
  • Dental Visual Treatment Objectives (VTO) module
  • Appliance ordering module
  • Editable consultation packages
  • Photo record suite
  • Patient treatment history


orthodontic software


Improved Diagnosis: The increased information received from model measuring and Dental VTO with anchorage predictions eliminates the risk of making the wrong decision on a case.

Plan Mechanics Predictably: Through anchorage predictions and thorough analysis of the patient, treatment mechanics become more predictable.

Improved Case Results: Enhanced by the Dental VTO tool and model measuring calculations, a higher level of quality is obtainable in torque and rotation diagnosis. This improvement allows you to eliminate wire bending from your straight wire type cases!

Your Consultation Advantage: IPSoft accurately shows the patient what will occur during their treatment visually, illustrating the necessity of treatment and explaining how you will treat them. Combined with your enhanced patient report, this gives the patient the accurate impression that you are providing high-level orthodontic care, increasing case acceptance.

Unmatched Support: Through the enhanced capabilities of our email diagnosis, instructor and product support is only a few clicks away. This level of efficiency and speed in record transfer, as well as our case diagnosis support, is unmatched in the industry.

As technology improves, so does the level of care that you can provide for your patients. IPSoft will provide analysis and diagnostic advice previously unavailable to you, all with the simple click of a button.