Progressive App Workshops




Ortho Simulation Workshops

  • Workshop 1: is “Using the New Software as Intended” so the emphasis on this seminar is working through the software as intended.  Archform to maintain, painting the teeth properly, normal occlusal plane, etc.  Evaluate the simulations that are presented, choose between them, and order the appliance as designed.  The basics of the software and how to use it in your practice, with much less advanced minipulation (I know there will be some, but the advanced manipulation is intended for workshop 2).
  • Workshop 2: “Manipulating the software to simulate orthodontic techniques” The focus of this workshop is what we have been doing at the instructor zooms…manipulating the inputs to replicate different orthodontic concepts.  Use expanded archforms instead of archform to maintain, tricks with painting to replicate lower IPR and unilateral distalization, changing the occlusal table to replicate skeletal anchorage.  Getting away from the premade treatment plans and looking at each simulation through the scope of simulating what is reproducible orthodontically in the clinic.


2024 Schedule:

  • New York: $950  Instructor: Brian Liao
  • WS#1: September 28-29
  • WS#2: November 16-17


  • Houston:  $950  Instructor: Joe Viviano
  • WS#1: September 28-29
  • WS#2: November 2-3


  • San Jose, Ca: $950  Instructor: Joe Viviano
  • WS#1: September 21-22
  • WS#2: November 2-3


  • Orange County, Ca:  $950  Instructor: Colllins Harrell
  • WS #1: September 21-22
  • WS #2: November 2-3