MSc Study Structure

The total program technically consists of 8 online modules, 3 trips to Germany for practical training, writing a Master’s Thesis, and taking a final exam (which is a verbal defense of your thesis). However, Progressive Orthodontics Level I grads get a large academic credit and can skip 4 of 8 online modules.


As a Level I Progressive Orthodontics graduate, here is what you will need to do if you want to join: 


 Study locally over weekend seminars and/or online study in the 2-Year Comprehensive Orthodontic Level I program. Once you graduate… 
Apply here for the 3-semester program and submit a 300 Euro non-refundable application fee. Once you are accepted:  
From March or April, you may start studying online modules 5-8 (as a knowledgeable Comprehensive Orthodontics graduate, you have passed out of the other 4 modules)  
Take 3 trips to the IMC universities in Germany for practical training over 18 months. The first trip is for 10 days in October, then 14 days the following March or April and finally 3 days the following October for graduation.
Write your master’s thesis. You will be working with research team on how to write a thesis as well as doing your literature review. For your thesis, you will write a 30-40 page summation of your literature review, as well as a publication manuscript.
Attend your final exam and defend your master’s thesis verbally at your last session in Germany. You will have a nice graduation event and receive your Master’s Diploma.



Application Process

Applications for the Master of Science in Specialized Orthodontics program are accepted year round. Once IMC receives your application, we will verify your student or graduation status from the Level I Comprehensive Orthodontic series and you will be informed of your acceptance. Class size is limited each year and seats are reserved on a first come, first served basis. Class roster will be released each January for that year. If there are no remaining seats for the year you wish to apply, your seat will be reserved in the following year if you wish.

*We suggest you apply for the 3-semester program unless you need 4-semesters for your visa