Growth Studies

Long term research on growing patients to help push the field of growth management and learn (and develop) the latest techniques in the field.

Now taking records on children and adolescents



Growth Research Design

  • Records of treated and untreated cases
  • 2D lateral cephalometric x-ray
  • 3D full face.
  • Panoramic x-ray
  • Frontal ceph
  • 2D hand-wrist x-ray
  • 3D hand-wrist x-ray
  • Study models
  • Clinical exam
  • Photos
  • History
  • Height and weight
  • Follow up photos
  • Financial ability
  • Access to the growth center
  • Objective of 1000+ cases with records to age 20 eventually
  • Records will include patients from 6-18 years of age
  • Craniofacial anomaly cases (i.e. Cleft lip, syndromes) may have records starting very early, the time of the first surgical intervention, and then continuing for the remaining growth years.
  • Records taken only by a few x-ray technicians on the same machine for long term consistency

Cases to study:

  • Zygoma ligation
  • Lower molar ligation and reverse headgear: class III cases.
  • Zygomatic-maxillary bone plates
  • Bone anchored maxillary
  • Functional appliance group
  • Herbst group
  • Bite plate group
  • Cervical headgear group
  • Various craniofacial abnormalities groups
  • Untreated
  • More to be determined