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MISD 2016 English Booklet

McGann International School of Dentistry MISD

The McGann Postgraduate School of Dentistry has collaborated to develop a revolutionary new university dental school, The McGann International School of Dentistry (MISD). Through working with the UNPRI Universitas Prima Indonesia (one of the leading universities in Indonesia) and the Y Group (an advanced center for dental career networking), we have designed a university program to enable individuals to become ready for the modern world of dentistry

Unlike traditional dental schools, the UNPRI McGann International School of Dentistry is focused on providing its students with the practical skills they need to excel in their private practice immediately. Students will learn the basics of Dental Science in block systems for the first 2 years and then move into a segment supplemented with some of our most sought after Dental Continuing Education in the world, on topics that patients desire.

MISD white coat ceremony

Become a Dentist – Priority Enrollment for MPSD/POS’ Children

Faculty of dentistry UNIVERSITAS PRIMA INDONESIA (UNPRI) has designed the curriculum in line with Dental Council recommendations, incorporating outcome, based on competencies approaches, to prepare our MISD graduates as leading dentists with comprehensive knowledge and skills, as well as professional attitude and ethical manners.

The curriculums are delivered in three phases rather than individual years and include vertical strands consisting of professionalism; biomedical and dental sciences; general physical and stomatognatic examination; patient care & stomatognatic function recovery; dental public health; and dental practice management. Phase One is 18 months long and majors on the sciences as a base for dental practice and the basic clinical competencies. Phase Two introduces integrated clinical sciences and competencies. Phase Three is a consolidation year of all clinical subjects and designed to give students an ability to be more independent and individual in integrating clinical competencies into practice.

The learning incorporates early clinical exposure, integrated teaching of all subjects with an emphasis on a blocks system with evidence-based dentistry approaches, and an in-depth dimension of specific subjects in dentistry.

We have developed complete programs in Orthodontics, Implants, Periodontics, Endodontics, Prosthodontics, and Surgery, all taught by the leading minds in these fields from around the world. Students will have guest McGann Postgraduate lecturers from the USA, Europe, Australia, and Asia, in a small group environment. Come see the future of dental education, and help prepare your children for the demands of modern dentistry.

Students start by enrolling in the pre-university program, an introductory course to Dentistry, held in Vietnam by Y Company. After completing the pre-university course, students will then continue their under-graduate academics in UNPRI in Indonesia.

The degree is recognized by the:

1. Indonesian Dental Council
3. ASEAN Joint Coordinating Committee on Dental Practitioners (AJCCD)

MISD Curriculum Structure


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