See How Implants with Orthodontics Transformed This Woman’s Appearance

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With patients becoming more aware of their dental health, there has been an increasing demand for esthetic dentistry that will preserve as much of their natural dentition as possible. More adults are requesting esthetic treatment that is also stable and hassle-free. Orthodontic treatment or dental implants can help achieve this result, however, some patients may need to pursue both interventions to obtain the look and function they desire.

As patients are becoming more aware of new treatment options for missing teeth, many are preferring fixed prosthetics over removable dentures. Orthodontics plays a major role in interdisciplinary treatment to restore function and esthetics for these patients. By utilizing the powerful combination of Orthodontics and Implants, dentists are able to design a precise treatment plan with predictable and stable results.

To get a more practical understanding of how these two disciplines complement one another, let’s take a look at a case that was treated by Dr. Bart Polder, an instructor in both our Comprehensive Implant series and our Comprehensive Orthodontics series.

Case Study


This patient was referred to Dr. Bart Polder with a big desire to improve her appearance. She was missing six teeth and wanted a fixed solution for the missing molars in her lower left arch.

Chief Complaints: Esthetics and Function (missing teeth in lower left quadrant)


Problem Summary:

  • Severe crowding
  • Anterior crossbite
  • Scissor bite – upper right second molar
  • Super-erupted bicuspid upper left quadrant due to missing teeth in lower
  • Midline shift to the right
  • Missing teeth: 13, 18, 28, 35, 36, 48
  • Lots of old restorations

After full records, an interdisciplinary treatment schedule of Implants and Orthodontics was suggested to this adult patient. The option of Orthodontics prior to the Implant placement for tooth replacement was a big surprise for her. However, after explaining the esthetics benefits and that she’d have an improved starting position for Implant placement, she really liked the idea and was keen to get started.

The following steps were made:

Pre-prosthetic Orthodontics (non-extraction) to:

  • Level and align
  • Correct anterior cross bite
  • Correct scissors bite upper left
  • Correct curve of Spee

Pictures directly after finishing her orthodontic treatment:


After her orthodontic treatment she already had major improvement of esthetics and function. With her teeth in a much better position and occlusion, Dr. Polder could more easily place Implants in her lower left mandible and upper left later incisor position. Stage 1 Orthodontic Results:

  • No more functional shift
  • Periodontal tissue is now healthy
  • The starting position for implant placement (transversal and vertically) was much more favorable and easier for stable placement

After her ortho treatment was complete, implants were successfully placed and a year later veneers were placed on the lower incisors.


Even after 10 years, her restorative work and occlusion is completely stable. This patient is still extremely grateful for the combined orthodontic/implant treatment.


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