Master’s Program Fees

The cost of this program is US$8000 + travel and expenses.  The profits from this program will go back to the Center to ensure the research program is properly funded for many years.


The cost to participate in the Master’s program includes the following

  1. Registration Tuition: US$1000 paid to McGann Postgrad upon applying
  2. Remaining Tuition: US$7000 paid to McGann Postgrad in 4 payments:
    • US$1750 – February 1
    • US$1750 – March 1
    • US$1750 – April 1
    • US$1750 – May 1
  3. Airfare & Accommodation: to be purchased on your own
    • You will have the opportunity to arrange your flights and hotel arrangements.
    • Hotels are inexpensive in Medan, with nice 5 star hotels ranging from US$50-US$100/ night.
    • There are also options to stay in the adjacent residency building


*For those in the Master Track Program (reserving their seats to both the Growth Level I and Level II Programs), you can be put on a payment plan for both programs. Please contact your local coordinator to find out the payment schedule, as each location may start at different times and thus have a different payment plan.