Growth, the “Achilles tendon” of orthodontics [Video]

by / Friday, 19 August 2016 / Published in Blog

Dentofacial growth has always been a complex, sometimes frustrating and unpredictable area within dentistry. As Beverly Hills instructor, Dr. David Dana said, growth has been the “Achilles tendon” for the orthodontic community for quite some time.

Dr. Dana discusses some of the common issues seen when an orthodontist guesses and plans growth wrong. Luckily, we now have better individual growth forecasting tools from extensive new longitudinal studies. With the new Growth Management Software, we as dentists have more resources to better plan cases. We can now use growth as a powerful tool with greater predictability and less surprises.

Hear more with a 2 minute clip from Dr. Dana’s lecture. He discusses Differential Horizontal Growth (DHG) within the Dentofacial Orthodontic Series.




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