Esthetic Periodontics Malaysia

Modern Techniques for Esthetic Success

Learn the proven methods to diagnose soft tissue problems and how to manage them. The clinical skills learned in this course will improve your restorative and surgical dentistry.

Doctors all over the world spend a great amount of time becoming excellent restorative clinicians with emphasis on tooth form and position. It is therefore critical to understand and implement soft tissue principles as the gingiva frames the dentition and plays a critical role in success. Thus, Dr. Simon created a training program to help doctors achieve excellent soft tissue management skills to avoid complications and treatment failures.

Dr. Simon will explain what to look out for and what is are the challenges of deficient tissue. In a methodical and clear way, Dr. Simon explains the reasons for tissue deficiency (like gingival recession and mucogingival problems) as well as tissue excess (such as “gummy smile”). Once participants understand the sources of the problem they are able to discuss them with their patients, gain credibility and are also able to provide the appropriate treatment. Rather than just showing the technique of a particular procedure, participants will gain an insight into Dr. Simon’s clinical work, his treatment philosophy, patient communication skills, systematic case analysis and evaluation and finally the actual step-by-step techniques. Doctors are often pleasantly surprised that after a rigorous planning process, the actual procedure is simple and with very few complications.

Dr. Simon explores the topic of soft tissue esthetics and gingival harmony from a clinically relevant perspective. Although all course materials are based on sound scientific data, Dr. Simon’s approach is clinically-based with a “real life” approach. He only teaches and demonstrates techniques that work in very high success rates. Participants learn about all the details, allowing them to replicate these results in their practices shortly after the course. Dr. Simon provides mentorship and guidance to attending doctors during the course and thereafter.

Although the world of soft tissue surgery is seemingly complex and theoretically reserved to a few master clinicians, Dr. Simon shows how every general dentist can perform excellent soft tissue procedures with the proper training and guidance.

The evening course is divided into two main components: Tissue deficiency and tissue excess. At the completion of this course, participants will have a good understanding of the soft tissue importance and how to treat different gingival deformities.


Crown Lengthening Case


  • Soft tissue esthetic analysis
  • Principles of gingival harmony
  • Etiologies for recession and mucogingival problems
  • Methods to improve tissue quality with free grafts
  • The challenge of attached and keratinized gingiva (critical to orthodontic treatment)
  • Connective tissue grafting – the 1 incision harvest technique
  • Coronally advanced flaps
  • Lateral sliding flaps – How can this be done?
  • Tunneling and the new grafting procedures
  • Use of biologics in soft tissue grafting
  • Use of tissue banks (alloderm and dermis)
  • Improving tissue thickness around implants (profile and tissue quality)
  • Biopsies in the esthetic zone
  • Soft tissue complications and their management.

Hands-on Workshop:

  1. Soft tissue ridge augmentation with free grafts
  2. Tissue thickening and emergence profile enhancement
  3. Suturing exercise
  4. Functional crown lengthening
  5. Free gingival grafts to improve the attached/keratinzied gingiva
  6. Connective tissue graft for root coverage
  7. Sliding flaps and tunneling
  8. Surgical lip repositioning

Case reviews

Time permitting and based on interest, Dr. Simon will be able to review cases with individual participants. Implant and soft tissue cases are preferred and dentists should ideally bring as many records as possible (photos, radiographs, models, CT scans).



profile-simon Dr. Simon maintains a private practice limited to periodontics, implants and reconstructive surgery in Beverly Hills. He obtained his Dental and Bachelor degrees from Tel Aviv University and his Master of Science degree in Periodontology at the University of Toronto where he conducted advanced research on bone engineering and dental implants.

Dr. Simon is a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology, a Fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada, teaches at the University of Southern California, and is the vice president of the Beverly Hills Academy of Dentistry. Dr. Simon lectures around the world on smile design, implant dentistry, gingival esthetics, and tissue reconstruction.


  • July 24-26, 2015
  • 6pm - 10pm (3 consecutive evenings)


  • Early bird registration before July 3, 2015: RM 2,700
  • After July 3, 2015: RM 3,000
  • On site registration: RM 4,000
  • This was a great hands on course teaching the fundamentals for successful perio surgery and a range of procedures. It gave us the confidence to go out and treat many perio surgery cases. This was a golden opportunity to gain these skills from a top clinician.
    Dr. Terry Rose
  • I have attended a lot of similar courses in the past, but this is a step by step seminar that lets every student know what he can get with every different technique no matter if he has previous experience in esthetic periodontic surgery or not. I strongly recommend this seminar to all my colleagues that already make surgeries and also for all who have never done any surgery in the esthetic areas.
    Dr. Christian Eickhoff