Master’s Schedule

After taking the local Level I Series “Dentofacial Orthodontics”, gain your Master Clinician degree in Growth Management over an 12 month program.

In addition to intense online study and writing of your publication manuscript, you will travel 2 times to the B. Donald McGann Center for Growth Management at the Universitas Prima for your live mini-residency training:

  • Module 1: 8 days in June 1-8, 2014 – Medan, Indonesia.
  • Module 2: 2 days in December 5-6, 2014 for graduation- Medan, Indonesia.


1-Year Schedule:

  • 4 months of prestudy at home–from January 15, 2014:
    • literature review
    • case studies
    • research foundation
    • live webinars with instructors via WebEx
    • discuss and submit thesis topic (March)
  • Module 1 in Indonesia–June 1-8, 2014:
    • work with statistician to design your study, find research, make any clinical adjustments.
    • live patient workshops
    • case-heavy lectures
  • 6 months of work at home:
    • follow case results of hypothesis seen in the Clinic
    • live webinars with instructors via WebEx
    • write a publication manuscript
  • Live Module 2 in Indonesia–December 5-6, 2014:
    • graduation ceremony
    • presentation of thesis


Study Structure if you choose to continue your training in the
“Master Clinician of Growth Management” Program


Study locally over weekend seminars and graduate from the 12-Seminar Orthodontics Level I Series. Then, study and graduate from the 4-Seminar Growth Management Level I Series. This combination of programs will give you a strong foundation in growth.
Apply here with your first payment (US$1000) to be added to the roster or waitlist. You may also apply before graduating from the local Level I Program. Once you are accepted:
Study Online Modules from January. This portion consists of literature review, case study, live webinars and other interactive and dynamic learning methods to ensure your strong foundation in growth management. You will also submit your this subject at this time.
Take a trip to the the B. Donald McGann Center for practical training in Medan, Indonesia. This first trip is for 8 days in June of the same year. You will learn about growth management techniques through a robust rotation with various instructors and live patient workshops.
Write your master’s thesis. You will be working with research team on how to write a thesis as well as doing your literature review. For your thesis, you will write a 30-40 page summation of your literature review, as well as a publication manuscript.
This second trip is 2 days in the December of the same year for graduation at the Center. Defend your master’s thesis verbally at your last session in Medan. You will have a graduation ceremony and receive your Master’s Diploma.