Master’s Curriculum

This program is an exciting mix of academic learning, live patient workshops, and building new research discoveries in growth.

Students will start by building a dynamic foundation on the growth studies and principles that are used within the field. They will study hundreds of pages of articles, case studies, and literature. Students will then get to learn more about these growth studies and relevant procedures at the B. Donald McGann Growth Center and apply them on live patients. After developing their study hypothesis, they will be able to see the results from the Center and can use that data to develop their thesis. Students’ research and discoveries will expand the understanding of growth management to new levels.


January 2014: Start the online portion of the program

The purpose of this section is to give the students a solid foundation to make their time spent in Indonesia more valuable.  Students will study from a dynamic, multimedia website “IAT” the following:

  • Relevant literature on the growth topic, oral surgery, orthodontics, implants, etc that are relevant to the cases being studied
  • Selected cases from the growth study
    • Case diagnosis training, showing the student what will be seen on the 8 day rotation
    • Possible showing similar cases or diagnosis done on old POS cases
  • Explanation of the growth research
    • being used and created at the B. Donald McGann Center of Growth in Indonesia
    • established by B. Donald McGann in his Toronto studies
  • WebEx webinars with live instructors and faculty will also be used to discuss a variety of topics


June 1-8, 2014: Live Module 1 in Indonesia

  • Combination of Lecture & Live Patient Workshops:
  • Each section will be led by an academic and clinical leader in his field. Instructors will select strategic cases to discuss and will show students the case records that are being taken between now and June 2014. Students will learn these patients’ backgrounds as well as the relevant growth principles the cases relate to. Each lecture will be very practical, focusing on that patient–on what they are doing with this patient, the reasoning behind it, literature that supports what they are doing, what the expected result is, etc. Then, the instructor will lead the students in a live patient workshop on that same patient. Students can then see the development of the patient (as well as others’) and utilize it in their studies first hand.
    • Orthodontic Methods of Controlling Growing Patients – 2 days
      • Instructor: Dr. David Dana
      • Clinic: (these are the intended procedures but they may change based upon the patient availabilities that are chosen)
        • Skeletal anchorage
          • TADs
          • Mini implants
          • Bone plates
          • Bone screws
        • Corticotomy
        • Other growth management procedures
    • A Combination of Orthodontic, Implantology & Surgical Approach – 2 days
      • Instructor: Dr. Bart Polder
      • Clinic: Live surgeries
    • Oral Maxillofacial Surgical Methods – 2 days
      • Instructor: Dr. Sandy Ratner
      • Controlling the midface
      • Techniques in the surgical world to control or enhance growth
      • Clinic: Live surgeries
  • 2 days with a statistician from the Center
    • how to write a research paper
    • how to design a scientific study
    • how to develop statistics used in studies
    • literature review
    • how to publish papers
    • gather research for topic


June – December 2014: Develop your thesis

  • Writing of thesis/ publication manuscript


December 5-6, 2014: Graduation in Indonesia

  • Submit thesis, provide verbal defense
  • Take final exam
  • Graduation ceremony