Aligner Essentials

Aligners for the seasoned ortho practitioner!

Dr. Shockley Wier along with Dr. Don McGann (POS Founder) and Dr. Amit Lala (Harvard Professor and Orthodontist) designed Aligner Essentials to be a detailed instruction manual for how to be successful on your aligner cases regardless of what clear aligner system you use. This 2-day accelerated course eliminates the basics and focuses on more precise techniques to improve clear aligner treatment. This class benefits doctors who have experience treating traditional orthodontic cases. This class is also great for graduates of the Aligner+ series.


    • Step by Step walk through of an aligner case – from case selection through retention
    • Aligners vs Straight Wire: When do I need Brackets?
    • Aligner Mechanics Simplified
      • Detailed explanation of methods of Cl II correction, Cl III correction, Vertical Correction, Transverse Correction, etc.
  • Attachments/Auxiliaries Explained
  • Simulation Evaluation including McGann Lala 3D Simulation Evaluation Protocol – The new standard for POS
  • What to look for and what to do at each appointment
  • What to do when Aligners Do Not track
  • When and How to request a revision
  • Prepopulated Copy/Paste Treatment Plans to Increase Efficiency
  • Overlays on Aligner Cases – What Really Happened?
  • Handout is Topical – A great reference in the future to easily look up how to address the majority of the issues that you see clinically
  • All New Cases, All New Slides, All New Look




      • 1984-1987 – The University of Cincinnati
      • 1987 – Early Admission into Dental School with requirement for Bachelor’s Degree waived due to exceptional academics/ qualifications
      • 1987-1991 – The Ohio State University College of Dentistry
      • Deans List – 9 of 14 quarters
      • Presidents List (Perfect 4.0 Average) – Remaining 5 quarters
      • 1991 – Graduated with DDS degree – Graduated Cum Laude (#8 in class of 120)
      • 1991-Present – OKU Dental Honor Society


      • 1991-1995 – Worked in Group Practice
      • 1995-Present – Private practice with emphasis on Orthodontics, Restorative, Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics
      • 2007-Present – Progressive Orthodontics Instructor and responsible for new instructor training and current instructor certification at Progressive Orthodontics


  • 2021:
  • Chicago, IL - February 20-21
  • Houston, TX - April 17-18
  • Orange County, CA - August 28-29