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The McGann Postgraduate School of Dentistry was created to drive change, so doctors could get honest, practical training that they could use immediately and throughout their careers. We pushed boundaries over the past 32 years and opened up minds with engaging teaching styles that work. We don’t just show students the best cases and leave them lost in their practices, or provide lectures just so students are compelled to buy something. Our classes are designed for your long term success. I take great effort to select successful practitioners to be your instructors. Each of them have been in your shoes and are passionate to show you in detail how to get there.

Each McGann Postgraduate program provides you with:

  1. Excellent Educationall curriculums are designed to optimize your education and critical thinking and are not dictated by supply sales like some other CE programs are
  2. Free Lifetime Supportwe want your knowledge to help you throughout your career so we allow you to retake courses live or online with our Lifetime Free Retake Policy (*as long as seats are available)
  3. Practical Applicationeach course is developed with topics relevant to today’s environment and useful exercises so you can have immediate returns on your educational investment


Progressing Partnerships & Growth

The McGann Postgraduate School of Dentistry is constantly growing its instructor base, nitpicking its curriculum, and building new resources. We work hard to further expand what innovative programs we offer the dental community. Our school has partnered with prestigious educational organizations like the International Medical College (IMC), various universities, and Progressive Orthodontic Seminars (POS) to give you the best education in each field of dentistry. From short courses to earning an internationally accredited Master of Science degree, we have a program for every dentist who wants to improve his or her skills.

A Unique "Local+Global" Approach to Higher Education

For those dentists that want to learn at the university level The McGann Postgraduate School of Dentistry has brought together leading dental instructors and universities worldwide, giving dentists a unique and efficient "Local+Global" approach to education. For dentists that want to continue their education to the highest levels, McGann Postgrad School has strong joint master's programs.
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